Massive Hidden Government Subsidies

Right to repair laws has been squashed repeatedly by the biggest corporations on the planet (Apple, Microsoft, John Deere) to protect their monopoly profits. Government monopolies have been granted to these companies via the patent system that prevents new competition from entering, government tariffs and customs that prevent overseas competitors from entering our market, and onerous software that requires all service to be done at a dealer.

University administrations receive massive hidden government subsidies from federal student loans and grants, which are then funnelled into the bureaucracy. The solution is to end government support for universities and to make them stand on their own two feet. Allow students to discharge loans in bankruptcy. Get back to the fundamental point of higher education… To educate. Move irrelevant stuff like sports and politics to other organizations.

Patents falsely claim to help inventors while in reality prevent new competition, increase prices to consumers, and prevent people from improving on existing tech. Patents prevent people from experimenting, which is how most founders from Henry Ford to Steve Jobs to Bill Gates got started as kids. Patents funnel monopoly profits into the deep pockets of the biggest corporations on earth.

Elite private golf clubs funnel cash into wealthy members pockets by using their political power to falsely claim non-profit status and to avoid property taxes.

The IRS is a hundreds of billions of dollars kleptocracy designed to take money from income earning workers and protect the wealthy. A far simpler and far fairer system would be simply to eliminate all tax collection methods. The government would just print the cash it needs each year, which is its primary funding source anyways. This would equally tax income and wealth in all forms, and would even tax all illegal income.

Public employee unions have no counterparty to negotiate against. Public employee unions collaborate with politicians to extract the maximum amount of money possible from the unaware citizen. Public employees can’t be fired for misbehavior or laziness for the most part. Most public agencies have grown cancerous since they cannot be killed. The solution is to ban public employee unions and to set up a mechanism like bankruptcy for public agencies.

Completely dump the corrupt government contracting process that results in trillions of dollars wasted with very little real output. Switch to a model like that of Japan, China, or Europe that results in faster, cheaper, better infrastructure. Especially disrupt the massive military industrial complex that would make America’s founders turn over in their graves. Both liberals and libertarians see the need for disruption here.

Eliminate government provided monopolies in areas like healthcare to lower prices. The American Medical Association is the most powerful trade union in history and strictly limits the number of seats in medical training each year to keep supply tight and prices very high. The AMA uses the insurance industry as a scapegoat to hide their insanely scammy prices.

Cut government red tape and bureaucracy that keep monopoly profits high for big equipment companies. The cheapest mini excavators in China cost $5,000 and in the US cost $25,000 due to protectionist customs tariffs and foolish policies by the EPA that offshore emissions overseas.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.