Jon Stewart’s Take on Barack Obama’s Race Speech

Barack Obama recently personally wrote a speech on race for a lecture in Philedelphia that is being hailed as one of the greatest in 35 years. Jon Stewart says, “A prominent American politician talked to Americans about race as though they were adults”. The first video below is Jon Stewart’s discussion on Barack Obama’s race speech and the videos below that are the whole race speech itself.… read more “Jon Stewart’s Take on Barack Obama’s Race Speech”

Relationships= Courting, Marriage, House, Children, Death

Highly entertaining on the progression of relationships from date to courting to marriage to house to children to death.


Is this really so bad? I’m not sure. If so many people do it, perhaps it does make people happy. For some reason, I have a sinking feeling of despair contemplating living the rest of my life this way.… read more “Relationships= Courting, Marriage, House, Children, Death”

Floating Fever Eel

When I awoke this morning, I had sharp pain in my throat from a sore throat and I could barely swallow. I gargled some Listerine, which seemed to kill the bugs and the pain. I still didn’t feel well, so I called in sick to work and did my link buying from home.

Tonight, I was digging through my freezer for something to eat and found an eel I had bought from the Uwajimaya market a while back and it said to boil it, package and all.… read more “Floating Fever Eel”