Engine Powered Reciprocating Air Compressor

When you are looking for a quality and dependable engine air compressor, the two stage engine powered reciprocating air compressor is just what you need to get the job done. This engine powered air compressor is reliable and makes any job you need to do a lot easier. This air compressor comes with a heavy duty two stage air compressor that is engine powered.

It is splash lubricated, has a finned intercooler and is belt driven with a large flywheel that allows for easier start up and extra cooling power when you need it. The directional air shroud allows for reduced pump temperatures, which allows you to be able to do any size job without overheating the engine air compressor. It has a totally enclosed, heavy duty belt guard.

The gasoline engine in the two stage engine powered reciprocating air compressor allows for a two wheel option for 8 and 15 gallon models. It comes with an air line filter, lubricator and the option for electric start. There are also other engine options that are optional on the model, depending on your individual job requirements.

The gasoline engine on this two stage air compressor has a constant run control that is set at 145-175 PSI. It has a high quality pilot valve, and a pneumatic throttle idle control. The engine used is the Honda GX Series OHV engine. When you are looking for an air compressor that can do any size job with precision and performance, this two stage air compressor can be just what you need.

The price is affordable, and the convenient way of moving and transporting the air compressor can help make any tough job a little bit easier, not to mention saving you a lot of back breaking labor and time. It comes with twin tank receivers that are powder coated and come in both 8 and 15 gallon size.

The two stage engine powered reciprocating air compressor also has convenient lifting handles to make it easier to move around and has anti-vibration feet. The manual tank drain is one of the most favorable features on this engine air compressor. It also comes with a large canister intake filter with a replaceable filter. It has special unloading valves to assist you in the motor and engine starting. It has a tank gauge and a regulator and outlet pressure gauge. This two stage engine powered reciprocating air compressor is designed, tested and also proven in the field to meet any demands of your business and any line of work in the construction and rental industries.

On the electric motor it has a 6 foot power cord, thermal overload motor protection and an industrial and commercial grade UL listed electric motor. It has options available for a start and stop control, dual control, dual voltage switch and air line filters. All models come with options for different pressures as are needed to do your job right the first time. These engine air compressors are reliable and you can depend on them when you have a job to get done.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.