ALC Keysco Siphon Feed Sand Blaster Kit

The ALC Keysco ALCF50 siphon feed sandblaster kit with 50 lb capacity can do the job for any of your sandblasting needs. This siphon sandblaster kit comes equipped with a 50 lb capacity for any size job that you need. From personal to professional, this sandblaster kit delivers what you need and with an affordable price has been getting good reviews.

The ALC Keysco siphon feed sand blaster kit has a free standing tank that has an open top. It is portable, easy to use and you can get professional results without having to pay for a professional to render the services you need. You can use the siphon feed sand blaster kit with 50 lb capacity on jobs of any size, and with the large capacity you can save yourself a lot of work and time.

The ALC Keysco siphon feed sand blaster kit can be used with abrasives or liquids and can be used on metal, wood, plastic, cement and other surfaces. This allows it to be used for different kinds of jobs and to fit whatever kind of work you need done. It is easy to set up and get ready and it is also easy to operate.

Key features of the siphon feed sand blaster kit with 50 lb capacity include 80-125 PSI, three steel nozzles that come in sizes of 13/64 inches, ΒΌ inch and 5/16 inches. It also comes with three air jets in sizes of 5/64 inch, 1/8 inch and 5/32 inch. The ALC Keysco siphon feed sand blaster kit also includes a two year warranty so that if for any reason you are not happy with the performance or durability of the sand blaster, you can get your money back.

It has a hose size of 3/8 inch and an inside diameter of 7 feet. This size makes the siphon sandblaster ideal for whatever size job and project you are working on. The different available sizes of nozzles makes it easy to reach whatever size area you need to reach without having to compromise on quality. The siphon sandblaster also is affordable in price and is well worth the investment. The time and money that you can save with the ALC Keysco siphon feed sand blaster kit with 50 lb capacity will be well worth the initial investment.

Whatever size job you need to accomplish for sand blasting, you do not have to waste your money finding someone to do it for you, and with the money you would spend hiring someone or renting one from the local store is not that much of a difference, and the option of having your own siphon sandblaster for future jobs will assure you that you made a good choice.

The large capacity of the siphon sandblaster can save time by being able to set up your project and not have to worry about refilling the tank like you would with a smaller size and capacity unit.

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