Government is the Most Powerful & Evil Corporation

Many people criticize big corporations as being too big and abusing their power and wealth. Those people are generally correct in many of their points.

The people that criticize big corporations usually point to government as the solution. They say that taxes, regulations and police will check the abuses of big companies.

Who will regulate the government though? Corporations are limited by the fact that they must sell goods or services to survive- if people don’t like the corporation or what they offer, they simply can stop buying and watch the company collapse.

We live in a society where by far the most corrupt, inefficient and abusive organization is the government itself. Government is not limited by the free market- if they provide services or goods people don’t want they simply can force people to pay anyways (the IRS, police and FBI and a myriad of other acronymed agencies will come beating down your door).

Americans are fortunate to have a government with more limitations than most countries, but we still have to deal with an immense crushing beast far larger and more powerful than any other organization (and one that does far less good than the smaller organizations). Our government makes wars that the people don’t support, avoids wars the people do support, feeds innumerable fatties living on the system (public unions, contractors, politicians), and forces you to support all of that with the threat of prison and loss of property and direct invasion of your life.

Published by

Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.