Gerhard Kron of Ripped Me Off

Please note that this is only my personal opinion of the situation with Gerhard Kron and what happened and there are always two sides to every story.

I wish I had known what I know now before working with Gerhard Kron of I would never have agreed to take him on as a client or have any sort of communication with him.

About five or six months ago, Gerhard Kron of CallMrFixIt signed a contract to have me do SEO work for him at a very low monthly rate (actually my second smallest client). Even though he was one of our smallest clients, Gerhard Kron was extremely demanding and had us do tons of work beyond what we initially agreed to.

Gerhard Kron is a pretty smooth talker who uses his good ol boy style to bully people into doing what he wants. He used this with me to get lots of extra SEO work and even have us do some Adwords work for him at no extra charge.

Things with Gerhard Kron finally boiled to a head when after one of his angry tirades, I offered to build him a new website FOR FREE as long as he didn’t want further changes to it. He happily agreed to this as his bullying had gotten him his way yet again.

I had my designer develop him a nice looking site, but Gerhard Kron didn’t like it so I told him that we wouldn’t continue further development and would just focus on SEO. This made Gerhard Kron really angry and he spent several hours yelling at me and calling me names and calling my employees rude names.

Gerhard Kron had signed a 12 month contract for SEO work with me with a guarantee that if after 3 months we hadn’t gotten him 300 unique visitors per month, we would work for free until we did. There was no money back guarantee, just the work guarantee. However, Gerhard Kron called American Express and made many false claims to them. I sent them the signed contract, but American Express defaults on the side of the consumer almost every time and forces merchants to take people who rip them off to court.

Gerhard not only received all the work we did for him for free since he did a chargeback through American Express, but he went and filed a BBB complaint against my company after I told him I would take him to small claims court to get back the money that he had signed a contract to pay for the work we did.

I have never had as poor of an experience working with anyone in all my years in business as I have had with Gerhard Kron. I strongly recommend that anyone who is considering working with Gerhard Kron in ANY capacity re-read my story before you do.

Life is too short to work with people who rip you off like Gerhard Kron ripped me off. Life is too short to get screamed at and cussed at for hours by someone like Gerhard Kron.  I have moved on and I suggest that everyone else do the same.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.