Indefinite Detention Morally Wrong

On my website in the past, I have discussed my views on freedom and how vitally important a free society is for the success of mankind.‚  America’s freedoms have been slowly bleeding away for a long time, but former President George W. Bush’s policies have greatly eroded very important human rights.‚  One right in particular that has been seriously harmed is the right to not be indefinitely imprisoned without any recourse.… read more “Indefinite Detention Morally Wrong”

Hate to say “I told You So”, but…

… the bailout of the financial institution has screwed taxpayers and not done any good.‚  $78 billion of the $300 billion is unaccounted for and supposedly criminal investigations are now underway.‚  $254 billion was put into banks and only $176 billion in value was received by the Treasury.

On another note, I watched Slumdog Millionaire tonight.‚ … read more “Hate to say “I told You So”, but…”

Religous Cults of Personality

Another bit taken from my email conversation with my friend Mark, here we are discussing cults of personality in religion and Mark’s Christian perspective on such things.

Joel: Mark Driscoll may be building a cult of personality that is much like Joel Osteen or Kevin Gerald, but targets a different type of person.‚  What do you think about cult’s of personality in religion?‚ … read more “Religous Cults of Personality”

I recently purchased the domain name‚  I am still debating about what exactly to put on it, but the site will be built in ASP.NET (C# & SQL Server).‚  The 2nd quarter teacher of my Advanced Web Application Development Certificate course requires that I make a website with a purpose of my choosing that incorporates major concepts that we learn in class.… read more “”

Shortage of Doctors Raising Cost of Health Care

The NYTimes has released an article detailing the current short supply of doctors and the coming shortage of primary care physicians that is greatly contributing to the rising cost of health care.

Healthcare costs are so high because the American Medical Association, as Thomas Keynes (famous economist) put it, “The most powerful trade union in the history of man.”… read more “Shortage of Doctors Raising Cost of Health Care”

Idiot Comment By UAW Worker Marty Shawl Demanding Bailout

I was reading an article in the New York Times earlier today and ran across the following moronic comment by a fellow who feels entitled to our taxpayer cash:

“Politicians don¢â‚¬â„¢t dictate union wages, and I would have felt the same way, even if I was working,¢â‚¬ said Marty Shawl, of Bay City, Michigan

Marty Shawl gave this comment in reference to UAW President Ron Gettelfinger’s refusal to make wage & benefits concessions so that the government would give bailout money to GM, Ford & Chrysler.‚ … read more “Idiot Comment By UAW Worker Marty Shawl Demanding Bailout”

Bobby Fischer’s Housewarming Party

Bobby Fischer, a guy I went to UW Business School with, just bought a condo and had his housewarming party last night. I think that he’s one of my first friend’s to make the big jump and actually purchase a place to live. Fischer’s condo is on the corner of Cherry & Boren in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle by the big hospitals in a one hundred year old building that is in very good condition.… read more “Bobby Fischer’s Housewarming Party”