Idiot Comment By UAW Worker Marty Shawl Demanding Bailout

I was reading an article in the New York Times earlier today and ran across the following moronic comment by a fellow who feels entitled to our taxpayer cash:

“Politicians don¢â‚¬â„¢t dictate union wages, and I would have felt the same way, even if I was working,¢â‚¬ said Marty Shawl, of Bay City, Michigan

Marty Shawl gave this comment in reference to UAW President Ron Gettelfinger’s refusal to make wage & benefits concessions so that the government would give bailout money to GM, Ford & Chrysler.‚  Marty Shawl directly contradicts himself here… he wants politicians in the government to give the auto companies/him cash, but he doesn’t want them to determine how much.

My question for Marty Shawl then is who should decide union wages?!‚  How about the free market?‚  The free market has already determined that your wages are far too high by not buying the bad products at ridiculously high prices that your company has been selling for decades… which is why GM, Chrysler and Ford are facing bankruptcy.‚  The automotive companies had poor management and greedy unions that robbed them blind for the last decade and now that the cookie jar is empty they want the American taxpayer to refill it for them.

I hope that the politicians allow the free market principles in America to work again and don’t steal my hard-earned money to give to corrupt people in the Big 3 auto companies.‚  Marty Shawl and his friends in the UAW and auto company management have already done enough harm to the Americans with their shoddy, overpriced gas guzzlers.‚  Why would we want to let Uncle Sam reach in our pockets to steal even more bailout money to give to incoherent greedy pigs in Michigan?‚  If we bail out the Big 3 and create a bunch of regulations to protect them, we will only be harming American consumers who will have to continue paying higher prices for crummy cars.

Instead of giving billions of dollars to poorly run auto companies with greedy unions, why don’t we support companies that are innovative, price-competitive and offer great products?‚  Toyota, Honda, BMW and others offer a higher quality product that is a better deal.‚  In Silicon Valley and elsewhere around the country, inventors, entrpereneurs and investors are collaborating to build better vehicles that will reduce our dependency on foreign oil.‚  RIght now, we are forced to support vile foreign governments in the Middle East with our oil money because Ford, GM and Chrysler have not been creative enough to offer better options.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.