Funny Videos by The Lonely Island

Watching videos from “The Lonely Island”, a small group of music video makers, has entertained me for quite some time.‚  The Lonely Island videos are usually pretty funny and have witty satire in them.‚  Check out the following Lonely Island funny video titled “It’s a Hit”.

The “After Hours” funny video by the Lonely Island is another good one. It’s an entertaining skit about a sketchy friend who brings his buddy on a “double date”… but the friends date is a dog… literally lol.

“Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” is another video by Akiva Schaffer of Lonely Island that was pretty funny.

The next funny Lonely Island video is called “Backseatsman” and is pretty strange.

Final funny Lonely Island video: “Just 2 Guys”. Most hardcore rap video i’ve ever seen lol.

If you want to find more Lonely Island videos, let me know and I can add them onto the post. Happy viewing!

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Joel Gross

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