Volusion versus ZenCart versus BigCommerce

There are a lot of e-commerce software packages in the market today. Some of them have been around for a long time now. Yet as times are changing rapidly, the expectations from such platforms are also shifting just as fast. Thus many software applications have failed to last long. However, there are few which have constantly updated themselves, and there are some who have emerged with new names and newer and better features.… read more “Volusion versus ZenCart versus BigCommerce”

Selling my Ford Contour

I am trying to sell my Ford Contour now. I need a car that is more impressive to clients. Right now it makes me look dirt poor, though I am not. I try to be very wise and tight with my money and pretty much only spend it on growing my business. It’s getting a bit ridiculous though- I typically park my car far from clients entrances so they don’t see it lol.… read more “Selling my Ford Contour”