Government More Evil than Enterprise

I am fighting two unjust charges right now, one from the City of Los Angeles and the other from Metropolitan Park Apartments of Seattle.

The City of Los Angeles gave me a parking ticket when I was in a legal spot in Beverly Hills.  I think the parking attendant had a quota to fill and saw that my license plate was from Washington State and thought I was an easy target and so gave me the wrong ticket.

Metropolitan Park Apts of Seattle is an apartment I moved out of more than a year ago and didn’t hear a peep out of, but now they are claiming that I owe them $320.  They forwarded me to a collections agency National Credit Systems and the agent Isaac Berry told me I had to pay it or he would ruin my credit.  I told him to forward me all documentation, which they did.  They lacked anything other than a copy of the initial lease agreement and a partial copy of their ledger.  By Washington State law they are required to give me a letter within 14 days if they do not intend to repay the security deposit and they did not do this.  So not only do I not owe Metropolitan Park Apts $320, they owe me $200!

Thankfully, I have many courses of action to take against Metropolitan Park Apts of Seattle and National Credit Systems & their agent Isaac Berry:

  • Tell them to stop harassing me about this illegitimate charge OR:
  • File a report with the credit bureaus explaining their harassment and incorrect charges
  • File a report with the Better Business Bureau against both organizations
  • File a report with Ripoff Report explaining the situation with both companies
  • Take them to small claims court to get my $200 back
  • Take them to full court if they hurt my perfect credit rating (wrongful damage to your credit rating is actionable)
  • Use my knowledge of the internet and social media to make sure that other potential customers know about their bad actions

I have not needed to use any of these recourses yet, but I am fully prepared to do so if necessary- I have a clear path of action.

Unfortunately, I have NO action I can take against the government or the City of Los Angeles for it’s wrongful parking ticket.  I sent in a letter saying it was incorrectly issued and just received a form letter back saying their “administrative review” concluded it was valid.  The City of LA is strapped for cash right now and is using parking fines to try to hold together it’s public transportation program… so they are rubber stamping all fines.

You can fight Big Bad Companies, but you are helpless against Big Bad Government.

Below is the registered letter I mailed today to National Credit Systems, Inc describing why the $320 charge is inaccurate:

National Credit Systems & Issac Berry,

I wish to dispute the debt notice of $320 from Metropolitan Park Apts.  The debt is clearly incorrect and there is no supporting documentation from Metropolitan Park Apts.  I received a copy of my original lease agreement and a copy of a partial and very confusing accounting statement.  If any incorrect information is submitted to the credit agencies, I will hold you, your company and Metropolitan Park personally responsible and liable for any resulting damage to my credit.

Washington State law states that the landlord has 14 days after a tenant moves out to return a deposit, or give a written explanation of why it (or any part of it) was not refunded. If a landlord does not comply, the full amount of the deposit must be refunded to the tenant, regardless of any claims by the landlord that the tenant is not entitled to a refund.  I never received the 14 day notice and never had my deposit returned to me. Should I hire National Credit Systems to regain my $200 deposit from Metropolitan Park Apts? (joke)

The accounting kept by Metropolitan Park apts makes no sense- it claims I made a payment of $4,385… clearly absurd.  I paid my rent every month on time and have a perfect credit score on everything I have been involved with.  The accounting looks like something someone slapped together on a moments notice.  I need to see full records of all of my payments and all documentation regarding the alleged damage to the unit that needed cleaning and repair as well as all payments made to each contractor. The documentation currently provided is not only completely inadequate, but it is incorrect as well.

I have phone records showing that you and National Credit Systems has violated the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices act by calling me repeatedly at hours earlier than 8 a.m.  I received calls at 6:09 PST, 6:27 PST and another at 6:27 PST.  If we cannot immediately resolve this matter, and I continue to be troubled by this incorrect complaint and any damage occurs to my perfect credit score I will file complaints against National Credit Systems and Issac Berry with the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau, Ripoff Report and other relevant watchdog organizations.  I will also file complaints against Metropolitan Park Apts with all relevant organizations.

I have pictures of my apartment being thoroughly and completely cleaned before I moved out on my cell phone.  I was not notified of any damage for over a year and also was not notified that my $200 deposit was not going to be returned to me.  There still is no actual documentation of my alleged $320 debt.  I have proof that I did what I was supposed to do.  If necessary, I will go to court and subpoena the manager of the apartment who did my checkout as well as the office accountant who kept the records.

I also request full listing of all creditors who have owned this alleged debt and their full contact information.  Please make sure you send me ALL information I am entitled to under the law.

Finally, I reiterate that if harassment over this INCORRECT debt is continued, I will be filing complaints with:

  • Federal Trade Commission against National Credit Systems & Issac Berry
  • Credit Reporting organizations (Transunion, Experian & Equifax)
  • Better Business Burea against both National Credit Systems & Metropolitan Park Apts
  • City of Seattle against Metropolitan Park Apts
  • Washington State Attorney General’s office against Metropolitan Park apts.
  • & against both organizations
  • Yelp, Google and other ratings organizations against both organizations

I take every legal recourse available to me in order to ensure that my credit rating and personal finances are protected, UNLESS YOU IMMEDIATELY WITHDRAW ALL OF YOUR CLAIMS AGAINST MY FINANCES IN WRITING.

I will not sit back and allow anyone to try to steal my money or good name or credit rating with incorrect claims of debts that I do not owe.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this letter,
Joel Gross

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

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  1. Good luck with them! Most people just back down when facing debt collectors or corporate entities, even if they feel that there is flaws or inaccuracies in their reporting. Its easier to pay then fight. But if enough people knew their rights, and were willing to push the issue, then there would be significantly less falsification of collection claims.

    Kick em where it hurts.

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