Auntie Em

I am sad to say that a family member on the other side of my family than Papa has passed away today. Auntie Em had a kind heart and treated us four brothers well our whole lives. She was a schoolteacher her whole life and loved children. She will be dearly missed.

Touching the Void Movie Review

As an avid hiker and occasional mountaineer, I have been curious about watching “Touching the Void” for awhile now.  Touching the Void is a movie based on a book by a man who went through an extraordinary experience climbing Mount Siula Grande in Peru.  Siula Grande is a 20,813 foot tall mountain that had never been climbed via the West face before these two young men summited using that route. … read more “Touching the Void Movie Review”

Lindsay Lohan Should Not Be Sent to Jail

Surprise, surprise.  I am actually going to defend Lindsay Lohan on my blog.

Lindsay Lohan was arrested in 2007 after getting caught drunk driving twice.  Much more recently, her alcohol detecting bracelet determined that she had been drinking.  The circumstances surrounding this incident are incriminating: she had just attended parties after the MTV Music Awards.

I have had experience with alcohol detecting devices, including ones that use the same technology as Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol detecting bracelet. … read more “Lindsay Lohan Should Not Be Sent to Jail”

Yahoo! Stores versus BigCommerce

The Internet has opened many doors for retailers of all types, and both Yahoo! Stores and BigCommerce have proved to be very helpful for them E-commerce through Yahoo! Stores and BigCommerce is very easy and very convenient for customers. In fact, thanks to these applications, virtual shopping has never been this easy. However, when comparing these two applications, only one manages to prove that it is the best.… read more “Yahoo! Stores versus BigCommerce”

Abortion Protestors Are Cowards

Abortion protestors are cowards.

Not because I disagree with their beliefs.

Their beliefs state that fetuses are human beings.  If they really believe that fetuses are innocent, helpless human beings than they are allowing murders to take place.  Instead of trying to stop these murders, they merely hold signs and chant slogans.

Abortion protestors are the moral equivalent of the next-door neighbors to the German concentration camps during WW2.… read more “Abortion Protestors Are Cowards”