Why I Turned Down $700/ Month

A prospect (actually a couple) came to me and wanted to hire me to help with the SEO on their website.  I gave them a proposal and we came to an agreement that I would do the work for them on the site for $700/month retainer plus 20% commissions on their sales.

Sounds good right?

I said no.

Why would I do that?

During the process before we signed the agreement, I realized working with these people would be a nightmare.  They argued with the advice I gave them that they hadn’t even paid for yet.  I have had experience with a couple of bad clients now and have learned that it is actually detrimental to my business to take on working with people like that.  I not only don’t accomplish as much working on their sites, but it affects my work on other clients sites.

Moral: Be willing to cut bad people out of your business just like you would in your personal life.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.