Howlings of a Jackal

Had drinks with an old friend, Rachelle, yesterday. We met at Barca on Capitol Hill for a martini and a talk about her writing and “epic dreams”. Later we moved to Quinn’s and feasted on frog’s legs and salad. My Bloody Mary was not a good idea in combination with the spiciness of the toad’s hindquarters, but trying new things isn’t always a blast. Found out later that another friend who sorta stood me up actually was at Quinn’s at the same time. Odd coincidence.

Four Questions:

  • How can the military-industrial complex be stopped without sacrificing security?
  • Should I write a novel and post it to my blog?
  • Skinny or muscly?
  • As the future King of America, what policies would you advise I enact?

My second shot at Swiss Cheese Potato Casserole ended up being rather richer than intended.‚  The casserole is actually more of a very tasty dessert.‚  A very manly dessert.‚  A single small bowl is enough to satiate my behemoth appetite.

Not much is sweeter than making money while I sleep.

Will Barack Obama’s popular policy proposal to change college football from the current BCS format to a playoff system become reality?‚  If so, how long will it take? How many Texas/USC fans will gnash their teeth till then?

Other than a sincere hatred of Microsoft, is there any reason to focus on the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) technologies rather than the ASP.NET architecture?

The refrigerator in my apartment has been harboring a lonely Budweiser Clamato beer for over two months now.‚  No one wants to give it love.‚  Can you be that person?

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