Policy Issue Stances for President Barack Obama

After much deep thought and introspection, I have come up with stances on every single policy issue Barack Obama is likely to face during his four years as President of the United States.‚  President-Elect Barack Obama may or may not decide to take my advice on these policy issues, but if he does he will have a vastly more successful presidency.‚ … read more “Policy Issue Stances for President Barack Obama”

President of the United States of America Barack Hussein Obama

Yes, it’s true.‚  America has elected it’s first black President of the United States of America in Barack Obama.‚  Congratulations to Barack Obama on his win and I recommend that he follows some of the amazing advice to be found on this blog.

I think Barack Obama is the better man for the job of President of the United States, but unfortunately/fortunately (depending on your view) he won’t have much say in how our country is actually run.‚ … read more “President of the United States of America Barack Hussein Obama”

Who Do I Vote For?

Who does JoelX vote for?

I always vote for the winner of American Idol, since I am the King of America and am the real chooser of the next American Idol.

Oh, you mean in the presidential elections?

I don’t believe in voting in the presidential elections.‚  I have better things to do with my time, like get struck twice by lightning (much greater odds of that happening than of my vote actually counting.… read more “Who Do I Vote For?”

Short Sellers: Kill the Messenger!

Are short sellers the cause of all the turmoil in the financial markets recently?‚  Did short sellers bring about the crash of the stock market?‚  Did short sellers cause Lehman Brothers to go bankrupt?‚  Were short sellers behind taxpayers being forced to spend $700 billion to help out fat cats on Wall Street?
Of course not.… read more “Short Sellers: Kill the Messenger!”