Pirates In Somalia Grow Bolder

Pirates in Somalia have grown increasingly more organized and powerful over the last few years and this year they have set records with the amount of booty they are taking.‚  You may think I’m joking, but unfortunately these pirates have seized over a hundred ships this year alone.‚  A couple of days ago, Somalian pirates captured their biggest prize yet- a Saudi oil tanker carrying over $100 million of oil.‚ … read more “Pirates In Somalia Grow Bolder”

How to Handle Confrontation and Conflict

How should you best handle confrontation and conflict with people around you?

Don’t be like me. 1

I have been reflecting lately and after talking to some of my friends and other people, I have realized that I carry a significantly more confrontational style of interacting with others than most people.‚  Even at work, there have been a couple of incidents where I stopped behaving like a friendly professional and went into a battle mode.‚ … read more “How to Handle Confrontation and Conflict”


People everywhere are so incredibly stupid sometimes.‚  I really don’t get how our world has managed to survive intact with people constantly inadvertently trying to end it.