Arrested Development

The show Arrested Development has arrested my development.. I spent 5 hours watching back to back episodes on yesterday and another 5.5 hours so far tonight watching it.‚  I am now on Episode 19 of season 1.‚  Painful.

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3 thoughts on “Arrested Development”

  1. The cancellation of the show was one of the worst things ever done to television. The Republican party’s goal of getting everyone to stay inside and not go out and vote, could have been achieved if the idiotic Fox Network hadn’t canceled it. They’ve been making it up to the GOP by broadcasting Fox news ever since.

  2. I threw my television away after they cancelled the show. Blue Man, I agree it was one of the worst things ever done to television. But, Fox is not to blame. The show had low ratings and was cancelled because our fellow (stupid) americans were tuning into ridiculous shows like survivor instead.

  3. Let’s just blame it on Fox. They’re responsible for 2 terms of Bush and the widespread use of the phrase “fair and balanced”.

    Stupid Americans are controlled by mega-corporations and the Council of Five, of whom Bill O’Reilly and Oprah are members.

    Open your eyes world! Arrest your development!

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