Good Article on Stock Market
Read that article.‚  Very good information on why the stock market is now back to where it should be (though it will probably continue to irrationally swing down a bit more before coming back up and stabilizing).
“The stock market crash has been big. The US S&P 500 index is 52% off its high, the largest percentage drop since 1937.… read more “Good Article on Stock Market”

How to SEO Google SearchWiki?

The number one question in every good SEO’s mind today is “how can I optimize Google SearchWiki?”‚  Google SearchWiki is the new update to Google’s algorithm that allows user to edit search results according to what they like and don’t like.‚  Google users can now add notes to specific URL’s, re-order, remove and add webpages to any search query.‚ … read more “How to SEO Google SearchWiki?”

“Self-Improvement Is Masturbation”

In the movie Fight Club, the character Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) states, “Self-improvement is masturbation”.‚  Durden is absolutely correct.‚  Whether you take this to be good or bad is dependent upon your view of what the act of masturbation represents: is it self pollution or positive self reinforcement.‚  To me, it is an act of positive self reinforcement since it releases you from your biological reproductive imperative to accomplish greater tasks.‚ … read more ““Self-Improvement Is Masturbation””

More Jobless Claims Than Anytime Since 1992

Recently release government data shows that more people filed claims for unemployment benefits than anytime in the last 16 years.‚  Once again, I strongly recommend that anyone who reads my blog gets LEAN.‚  How can you get lean?‚  Cut all frivolous expenses out of your life and start saving.‚  Washington state has not yet been hit by the bad economic waves hitting the rest of the country, but I promise you it will get much worse in our region.‚ … read more “More Jobless Claims Than Anytime Since 1992”

College Football Top 10 Rankings

Since my economic predictions have proved correct (including that the market would drop below 8,000 points), I have decided to try to prognostication in other fields.‚  First, you will see my absolute top 10 rankings of the best teams in college football.‚  After that is my prediction for what the final top 10 BCS standings will look like this year.… read more “College Football Top 10 Rankings” Not Refreshed Enough to be Useful is a creative mashup that combines Google Maps and Craigslist listings to show where people can find housing.‚  Unfortunately, it is not refreshed often enough to be useful.‚  I looked today (November 19th) at places to live and the most recent Craigslist listings they had available was November 11th.‚  All of the good place are usually taken in 1-2 days, so the leftover ones are mostly crap and expired listings.‚ … read more “ Not Refreshed Enough to be Useful”

Economic Downturn Gets Worse

We are entering a recession here in America as the bad economic news keeps coming:

  • General Motors is going to run out of cash in early 2009 and will go bankrupt if the government doesn’t bail it out.‚  I hope the government let’s it fail, so that a more efficient company like Toyota or GE can buy the remaining pieces and introduce some real changes.
read more “Economic Downturn Gets Worse”


I am currently working to learn the programming language C#.‚  It’s really interesting.‚  I never thought that I would like computer programming, but now that I see some immediate uses for it I am excited to learn more.

Actually, C# is a prerequisite for the Advanced Web Application Development class I have… but I just am trying to learn it as I go.‚ … read more “C#”