President of the United States of America Barack Hussein Obama

Yes, it’s true.‚  America has elected it’s first black President of the United States of America in Barack Obama.‚  Congratulations to Barack Obama on his win and I recommend that he follows some of the amazing advice to be found on this blog.

I think Barack Obama is the better man for the job of President of the United States, but unfortunately/fortunately (depending on your view) he won’t have much say in how our country is actually run.‚  Both major parties are nearly in lockstep on every important policy except for a few of the small issues they throw to dogs (us).‚  The reason Barack Obama was selected as one of the candidates in the first place was that he goes with what the major parties and special interest groups demand.

Obama won the popular vote and dominated the electoral vote.‚  His party, the Demoncrats (har har) won dominating control of both the House and the Senate.‚  Prepare yourselves for a wave of financial and socially liberal policies.

I think that the government should be far smaller than it is and far less important.‚  President George W. Bush expanded it more than almost any other president in history as a Republican and I’m worried that President-Elect Barack Obama will expand it even more.‚  Barack Obama is a reasonable man though and I have hopes that he will balance the federal budget and act to force the states to balance their budgets as well.‚  I think it is too much to hope that he will cut federal spending though.

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