What is Negative SEO?

It’s hard to argue with the fact that Google search controls the vast majority of information flow online. For a company to succeed online, it needs to get a favorable PageRank from Google. If it doesn’t, it’s going to be very hard for the desired customer base to find it. But not all SEO, or search engine optimization, is good SEO. After companies developed a variety of tricks for manipulating their rankings in the Google algorithm, Google struck back, reconfiguring their algorithm to make sure that searchers are getting quality results by penalizing cheap SEO tactics. This rise of “negative SEO” means that a lot has changed in the SEO world, and you need to make sure that any search engine optimization agency your company works with is up to date.

What are the Types of Negative SEO

There are three main kinds of negative SEO that can hurt a company’s place in Google’s PageRank algorithm.

  • Sabotage SEO: Now that it’s easier to create search engine penalties than to use SEO to boost a page’s rank, some companies have chosen to devote their SEO energy to creating bad SEO for their competitors.

  • Spam SEO: Spam websites can build toxic links to your company without you ever knowing it. It’s essential to monitor your link quality to prevent this from happening.

  • Internal Negative SEO: This is probably the most common type of negative SEO, and it happens because companies and unsavvy SEO agencies have failed to adjust their tactics to the new algorithms continuing to build cheap links, for example, working with link farms designed to trick search engines, that penalize the site’s PageRank.

Avoiding Negative SEO Penalties


The best way to avoid the risks of negative SEO is to create a website that is valuable to your desired customer base. Carefully monitor your company’s link profile and deal with spam and toxic in-links that can have a devastating effect on your rankings. But most importantly, don’t engage in manipulative and outdated SEO tactics. Successful SEO today is characterized by compelling content creation and effective brand building matched with appropriate levels of SEO. If you’re using keywords, make sure that the articles they are in provide valuable information.

A search engine optimization agency can help you build an SEO profile that will positively affect your brand’s PageRank. But you should always exercise caution when choosing which search engine optimization agency to work with. It is shocking how many SEO firms have not updated their work patterns to current best practices in SEO. Working with one of these irresponsible companies can hurt your business and waste your time and money.

Coalition Technologies Can Help With Your SEO


At Coalition Technologies, my search engine optimization agency, we are committed to helping clients build SEO cache in positive and responsible ways. We help our clients craft compelling content that brings value to their customers, as well as ensures that your backlink profile is constantly monitored and full of healthy links instead of toxic ones. If you’re interested in learning more about how a quality search engine optimization agency can help you, call us today at (877) 989-7187 to get a free quote.

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