Forbes’ Top 25 Web Design Tips

Turns out the internet has officially been our friend for a solid 25 years now. And man do we appreciate it! The information world has become a tidy, more accessible place; and shopping has expanded into a resource much bigger than any of us could have imagined back in 1989.

In honor of these 25 years of technological progress, Forbes gathered up a list of 25 web design tips.

We have categorically summarized those tips below. Have a read. It’s good stuff!

Your Bottom Line

Stay focused on the point of your business, which is, in a word, clients. Not you, not your P&L statement, not your search rankings. Clients are your reason for existence and your bread and butter. Stay focused on meeting their needs, and the rest will fall into place.

That’s a promise.

Smart Spoon Feeding

Remember that one person in your life who demands everything they want right now? Yeah…that’s the online audience. No insult intended here. With so much information and all those websites out there competing for their attention, they can afford to be that picky.

How to be the site they settle on:

  • Ensure your website design runs efficiently. You have a magical few seconds to grab their attention. Make your headlines short and catchy, your first fold pages complete, and your website fast.
  • Keep your content fresh and relative. Your presence on the web needs to be active, accurate to your clients’ needs, and straightforward.
  • Use foundational knowledge. There are proven things that work, use them. Visual texture, embedded videos, contrasting text, social media, even font size, are all things that matter to the reader.
  • Similarly, use technology that works. No need to spend a bunch of money customizing everything. There are good platforms and plugins out there that function beautifully. Use them, and save your time, money and energy for running your business.
  • Be trustworthy. You already have good products and/or services, now make sure your customers know you can meet their needs. Lead your industry, prove your worth, and make sure your customers’ information is secure. With position comes responsibility. Be worthy.

And Last but not Least

Design and SEO matter. How the search engines process searches and rank websites matters. This aspect of running an online business can be tricky, so don’t hesitate to get a professional in your corner.

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