Is it Time to Break up With Your E-Commerce Platform?

For those of us working as developers in the business of website building, it is a common tale of frustration. It goes something like this:

“Once upon a time I was a business person with a dream and a perfect set-up of supporting technology to make my dreams come true. Now…not so much. I need [more/less] from my [platform/hosting/SEO/analytics/etc.]. I think this might be the end.”

When you’ve worked with an e-commerce platform company for quite a while, wanting something different can feel surprisingly traumatic. How do you know whether to make small changes or jump ship completely?

It’s You, Not Me

Consider this: As a business owner, it would be irresponsible to settle for less than you need.

Set aside the guilty feelings. This is a business relationship in which you bought service and product. Unless you signed a very strange contract, no rings or vows of forever were exchanged.

I Prefer More Power in my Relationships

The main reason to break up with your ecommerce platform is if you don’t have enough power. Power to do what?

  • Basic site maintenance – You should be able to do that yourself without help or interference from your developer.
  • Run a promotion without professional help – It’s your business, you should be able to accomplish its day-to-day tasks.
  • Run state-of-the art tools – Technology progresses with or without us. If you don’t keep up, your customer base (and therefore you) will suffer.
  • Be flexible – Your site should work with standard technology across the board. If it is so specialized that your developer has to do basic uploads, and your customers can’t access it from their devices, your business is being hurt.

It’s My Way or the Highway

See this picture? See how all the good stuff comes to the customer? That’s how it should be. That’s what you trade your money for.

Your customers, in turn, expect all those good things from you. If you can’t meet their needs, because of your current set-up, they will stop bringing you their money.

Three Cheers for Open Market Competition!

There’s nothing like competition to make industry providers knuckle down and do their best.

Every time you run customer analytics, update your product line or design a new promotion, you are competing to keep and grow your customer base. A good developer will do the same to keep you.

At Coalition Technologies, we pride ourselves on being and staying the best at website development. Our developers track market trends, study the latest SEO guidelines, and learn our customers’ needs so that we can meet them efficiently and at reasonable cost.

Bogged down with unwieldy technology? Tell us what your issues are. We will look your site over and give you a free quote on how to get it straightened out and working smoothly.

You should be your best. Call us today at 1-888-652-0637 to set up your free quote.


Published by

Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.