Top 3 Design Trends of 2014

The first step of having a successful web presence is getting eyeballs to your site, but once they’ve arrived, you have to keep them there. To keep visitors on your site you need compelling content, but design plays a big part too. People make a snap judgement about the quality of your website based on its appearance, so you need to make sure that it’s in step with current design trends. Whether you’re working with a Los Angeles design agency or not, these are three trends you need to be aware of in 2014.


Responsive Design


Responsive design has recently become the standard for business web presence. If you don’t have a responsive design, it will actually affect your Google page ranking and make it harder to attract visitors through search. Responsive design means that your website adapts to the device it is being accessed from–smartphone, tablet, or desktop–and presents an experience that is appropriate for that screen without feeling like any design elements have been compromised. Responsive design can be a real challenge, and it’s one reason that many small businesses in Southern California turn to a Los Angeles design agency for help building their online presence.


Simple Design


Simplicity means that websites should be easy for visitors to navigate, providing what they need in an appropriately accessible and smooth manner. You need elegant navigation, evocative images, and compelling content that is simple without being generic. Your Los Angeles design agency should have plenty of experience with the design elements that are working, and present a few different options that will present the best possible customer experience. Unique, clean designs are the future.


Storytelling Design


Narrative is a powerful tool, and it’s a hugely important way to reach your desired customer base. If you can make your website tell a story using copy that is concise and intriguing and features powerful imagery. It’s a great way to introduce people to what your company is all about. Effective storytelling is a real challenge for every designer and company, but it’s entirely worth the effort. Connecting with potential customers on their personal terms is one of the best ways to forge long lasting relationships and brand loyalty. One good reason to work with a designer while you’re developing your company’s story is that they can step outside of your ideas and identify what aspects of your business will connect best with people who know nothing about your company to begin with.


Choosing a Los Angeles Design Agency


If you’re looking for a company in Southern California that can help you handle the design of your online presence, consider my company, Coalition Technologies. In addition to web design, we can help you with branding and search engine optimization to drive up your traffic and revenue. If you’re interested in finding out more about what our consulting team can do for you, call our Los Angeles design agency at (877) 989-7187 to get a free quote and prepare to build up your company for tomorrow.


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