Secure and Compliant Use of Social Media

Working in the Los Angeles social media marketing sector, I’ve learned a lot about both the good and bad sides of social media marketing. One of the big pluses of social media marketing is how easy it is to use. One of the big minuses is how easy it is to create a social media disaster and watch things spin out of control. That’s why the social media marketing world is increasingly focused on secure and compliant use of social media that helps companies avoid social media disasters and learn strategies for dealing with the hiccups that will inevitably come along.


HootSuite’s Managed Security and Compliance Services Provide a Powerful Social Media Marketing Tool

HootSuite has been the tool of choice for managing social media marketing for quite some time, but their new Managed Security and Compliance Services, available for a fee, offer powerful functionality that helps people prepare, respond, and test social media strategies specifically to avoid security and compliance issues. Here are some of the cool and useful things that HootSuite’s service provides:

  • Social Media Emergency Simulation: Like a fire drill for your social media marketing strategy, the services suite mines social feeds to help you simulate social media emergencies and practice your responses to trolls and other problems that may arise.

  • Streamlines Social Media Accounts: The services suite brings together all your social media accounts and mentions in a single platform, making it easy to find fake accounts and trolls that may be threatening your social media marketing strategy.

  • Advanced Security: Allows you to configure posting permissions and workflows to ensure the integrity of your social media account. HootSuite will also perform a social media audit that shows you what internal practices make you vulnerable to hackers, then uses the results to help you develop a protocol designed to prevent hacking.

  • Compliance Management: This service archives and organizes your social media history, making it easy to track your compliance with regulatory agencies relevant to your industry.


Los Angeles Social Media Marketing Consultants Can Help You Implement Security and Compliance Strategy

The HootSuite services are just the beginning of this key consideration for organizations engaged in social media marketing. If you need help developing a strategy for tracking content relevant to your business and filtering good content in order to create a relevant brand conversation, a social media marketing consultant can help you learn how to create a secure, compliant, and successful image on social media using tools provided by HootSuite and other companies that support social media marketing initiatives.

Social media marketing is all about brand engagement and amplification of your brand’s message. At my Los Angeles social media marketing firm and full service digital agency, Coalition Technologies, we are experienced in building brands and creating a web presence that pushes them to success through social media marketing and search engine optimization. If you need help driving up your site’s traffic and revenue, contact our Los Angeles social media marketing team at (877) 989-7187 for a free quote. We can’t wait to help you build your brand on social media and beyond.

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