Forbes’ Top 9 SEO On-Page Must-Haves

When you’re working with a Magento SEO company, you want to make sure their team is keeping up-to-date with the latest successful SEO techniques. As the algorithms that determine which websites Google will recommend change over time, the techniques that lead to successful search engine optimization change too. Google’s algorithms are designed to benefit page users by leading them to the most useful and compelling content. But what does that mean for SEO today? Forbes contributor Jason DeMers has some suggestions for the top nine page features that continue to dominate in today’s SEO world.


Forbes’ Top 9 SEO On-Page Must-Haves

According to DeMers, the most significant SEO-related features that register with both search engines and potential page visitors include:

  • A frequently updated blog

  • Google Authorship integration

  • Optimized URLS

  • Title tags

  • Heading tags

  • Alt image tags

  • Keywords in content

  • Appropriate depth of content

  • Appropriate topical targeting

As these suggestions indicate, there continue to be two main things that your search engine strategy needs to take into account: SEO nuts and bolts and compelling content. Any Magento SEO company that you are considering working with to build the profile of your Magento-based ecommerce site should have a plan for addressing both factors.

Compelling Content is Key to SEO

As Google’s algorithms become more sophisticated, they try to discriminate against SEO that crams keywords without providing added value to the page visitor. According to DeMers, a blog that is updated as regularly as possible with interesting content and images can affect page traffic by more than fifty percent. Additionally, Google is showing signs of moving towards favoring longer pieces of content with more information. Keywords should be integrated into the content in a natural way and spread throughout the page. Don’t be overly focused on keywords, however–instead of repeating the same common keywords, craft content that speaks to a targeted topic in a broader way. Integrating Google Authorship helps bolster the reputation of your content by creating a sense of authority and attracts clicks by displaying your author photo in the search results.


Don’t Forget the Technical Steps

SEO nuts and bolts play a huge part in how Google’s algorithm processes your page. Title tags become clickable text that brings people to your site, so make sure to use your keyword naturally, include your company name at the end, and craft a line that encourages people to click. Provide a clear, single H1 tag describing your main topic to help the search engine determine what your page is about. When you’re writing image tags, keyword optimization is important, but clearly describing what the image depicts is just as important. And URLs with location-based keywords separated by hyphens or dashes get preference.

Working with a Los Angeles Magento SEO Company

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