Linkedin, Google Not Helping Stop Recruiting Scam

My company Coalition Technologies has recently discovered a scammer is impersonating recruiters from our company using gmail addresses and fake but similar domains to ours. We have reported this to the local police and FBI for assistance. This scam is active and ongoing and new victims 

The scam appears to be that the criminal uses fake Linkedin profiles ( more “Linkedin, Google Not Helping Stop Recruiting Scam”

Fox News Misleading Headlines Recently

The headlines below are just examples from one or two days of what Fox News posted on their website. You will see several themes anytime you look at headlines and articles on Fox News:

  1. Content designed to make you angry or aroused. Typically this will be stories that aren’t really national news – just stuff that happens constantly in a nation of 400 million people.
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Trustworthy News Sources Vs Fake News

I have been getting into political debates over the last couple of years with family and friends. I would argue with them without any progress on either side.

Finally, I realized the issue was not a difference in political philosophy, but on what news sources we were using. I regularly read many different news sites and also try to look at their source documentation.… read more “Trustworthy News Sources Vs Fake News”