NFL “Fantasy File” Marketing & Advertising Campaign ROCKS!

How do you best sell the most popular sport in America to even more people? Doing so is a very tough proposition, but the NFL has recently come out with the most brilliant marketing and advertising campaign I have seen in a long time. The NFL simply has it’s superstar athletes perform superhuman feats. In some of the ads, receivers catch multiple balls without looking, in other ads giant men run through walls. Really an amazingly effective marketing campaign! One of the best uses of viral advertising that I have seen to do date. I have collected some of the NFL’s advertisements, known as the “Fantasy File” below:

Jason Campbell’s NFL Fantasy File:

In the following video, Jason Campbell shows his amazing arm strength and accuracy, hitting two receivers with passes at the same time… by knocking one football in the air with another so both footballs land in Campbell’s receivers hands.

Andre Johnson’s NFL Fantasy File:

Andre Johnson, an NFL wide receiver, starts by loading a football into a passing machine and then stands next to it till it launches the football 60 yard through the air… then sprints down the field, outracing the football and catching it deep. Amazing athleticism.

Neil Rackers NFL Fantasy File:

A kicker in the NFL, Neil Rackers shows that kickers aren’t all “retards”, like Peyton Manning once called Vanderjagt. In the following video, Neil Rackers kicks 4 footballs in a row from the 50 yard line… and makes the first two hit the left upright and the next two hit the right upright. Holy freaking cow.. these guys have more physical talent than I have ever seen.

Chris Chambers NFL Fantasy File

A stud receiver for the San Diego Chargers, Chris Chambers here shows the best hands on a receiver I have seen in a long time. Watch what he pulls off in the video below:

Chris Simms NFL Fantasy File

Chris Simms shows off his great arm accuracy by landing two footballs in garbage cans from 50 yards, then landing a football in a moving garbage can on a truck and finally by throwing a ball that hits the crossbar of the field goal uprights.

Mike Nugent’s Fantasy File

The New York Jet’s kicker shows the strength & accuracy of his bigtime leg by kicking 4 footballs into a stack of garbage cans 50 yards away, hammering them down. Less impressive than Neil Rackers stunts, but still pretty darned cool.

Braylon Edwards Fantasy File

So you thought some of the other receivers skills were cool? Wait till you watch Braylon Edwards and his Jedi receiving skills. Braylon Edwards puts on a blindfold in this Fantasy Files video and proceeds to catch 5 balls just by using the force (or hearing I guess).

David Akers Fruitcake Fantasy File

David Akers shows why he is the kicker for the Philedelphia Eagles in the following video where he demonstrates his kicking abilities. Not as cool as Neil Rackers Fantasy Files though.

Chris Cooley AWESOME Fantasy File

Chris Cooley shows up everyone else in the following fantasy files football video by standing on the other side of a solid wall and punching through it to catch a football in the air then tearing his arm and the football back through the wall.

Mason Crosby Best Kicker Fantasy File

Mason Crosby accomplishes the coolest feat yet by a kicker when he kicks 3 footballs 40 yards to ring a bell on top of a tower. Top about strength and accuracy…

Marc Bulger Fantasy Football File

Marc Bulger demonstrates in devastating fashion his fantasy football value by throwing footballs at a down marker and changing it each time he hits it. The final one to go back to 1st down he does behind his back. I think I just fell in love with Marc Bulger.

Laurence Maroney Fantasy Football File

The New England Patriots running back Laurence Maroney demonstrates why he should be on your fantasy football team by diving headfirst through one window of an SUV and out the other without touching anything inside. Laurence Maroney is way cooler than Batman.

Wow.‚  I think I will pick all of them for my WCFL fantasy football league.

These “Fantasy Files” videos are brilliantly made and are going to provide the NFL with a huge amount of free advertising.‚  Most big companies and organizations have completely missed the boat with most of the potential created by new media, but the NFL apparently has hired an advertising and marketing agency that sees it crystal clear.‚  I would love to find out who’s brainchild the NFL Fantasy Files video series was…‚  He or she is one of the best in the business when it comes to marketing.

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11 thoughts on “NFL “Fantasy File” Marketing & Advertising Campaign ROCKS!”

  1. I’m liking Laurence Maroney’s potential for a season ending SUV accident.

    These are cool NFL player videos. Tiger Woods – esk. ‘Gotta love football.

  2. Ok, I’ve been trying to find the answer to this question. These videos cannot be seriously real, aren’t they fake? I find it hard to believe most of them. If you have a source that can prove that they are real, or fake, I would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Puhleeeze! C’mon, gullible fans! If you believe these videos are real, you cheered for McGwire, Palmiero, Sammy, and Clemens and believed George W about WMDs.

  4. Guys…

    There is no doubting their talents, some were plausible, but like all things today they have been touched up(& OR massivly rehearsed), only reason I say that is “Game Night” the kickers miss, and the recievers drop the ball, it’s all part of the game.. and before you guys go nuts, I will restate there is simply no doubting their talents and raw ability.. but these tricks are a great way to advertise the game.. and what a viral campaign… well done NFL..

    Aussie Joe

  5. OMG I dunno who JoelX is but what a dumb fool! These videos are fake! They’re commercials not documentaries! LMAO how can anybody be so stupid to think someone can catch a football just by “listening”?? or through a wall?? or kick a ball into a post consistently? How gullible can someone be? I’m dumbfounded. They should make one of those videos about you and your amazing feat… being the most gullible person in the world.

  6. Sebo,

    Thank you for your timely news that these are planned commercials! I would never have guessed. I am indebted to you for your kindness in pointing out my gullibility. I should hire you to work for me as Captain Obvious. That would rock.


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