Home Depot Horror

Puyallup Home Depot Experiences

I visited the place of my first corporate job yesterday to buy some nails and it brought back some memories; when I turned 18 I was a night stalker at Home Depot (also known as night-shift stock guy). I was the youngest guy on the crew at the Puyallup Home Depot by at least ten years, but I think the HR manager at that Home Depot wanted to see if she could cut costs by using cheaper, younger labor.… read more “Home Depot Horror”

The Power Of Rumor

Hateful rumors have been spread about both candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama. But which rumors are true and which are false? The video below is pretty good at dispersing false rumors that have been spread online against both candidates. I recommend forwarding this link to your family members and friends who spam your email inbox with forwarded garbage that is untrue.read more “The Power Of Rumor”

Twitter Review

Found another old post that was scheduled for June 1, 2008, but somehow never posted itself.

Twitter is a new social media community that features little posts with 160 maximum characters, basically like a mass text message. Twitter’s home page says that it’s goal is to have it’s users answer the question “What are you doing?”…… read more “Twitter Review”