Stock Market Opinion

It is my opinion that the market reached it’s high water mark of the current expansion Jan 26. There are new wages reports showing big increases in wages which is going to show the Fed that inflation is really starting to rise. The Fed will react by starting to increase interest rates and start to pull back on the trillions in quantitative easing it did.… read more “Stock Market Opinion”


My Saturdays and Sundays in college were often spent watching football. My roommate Fletch would debate with me whether there was any merits to watching football. At the time, I had some arguments on why it was worthwhile… I can’t remember them anymore.  Today will be the first game of the season I watch – and that is only because I am going to a friend’s (from Vistage) Super Bowl party.… read more “Football”

Organizational Punishments

I have been listening to a fascinating Audible lecture series entitled “The Big Questions in Philosophy”. The last lecture was a dismantling of free will. The guy laid out a simple, clean argument for why no human can have free will.  Our personalities are shaped by our brains and our experiences… our brains are shaped by DNA which we have no control over and our experiences are given to us by the outside world where we also have no control.… read more “Organizational Punishments”

Happy Camper

Right now, I am extremely happy. I have discovered that the harder I work, the happier I am in the moment. I have been working out most every day. There has not been an alcoholic drink that has passed my lips in 206 straight days. I have been having lots of interesting lunch / breakfast dates with CEO’s in my Vistage group.… read more “Happy Camper”