I noticed that even though my physical fitness levels have been rising with my run times on the treadmill, it seems that my waist line is expanding slightly. At one point, my pants were a little loose on me when wearing waist size 33. I have noticed now that even 34’s are a little tight on me.… read more “Heavier”

Preventing Changes To My Google Business Listing using Laravel & the API

Recently, a malicious person had started making changes to my business’s Google Business listing. Google actually allows anyone to make edits anytime to any Business listing it seems. I had to keep changing it back multiple times a day. I requested access to Google My Business API and was granted access. I built an app last night that automatically detects changes and reverts the changes.… read more “Preventing Changes To My Google Business Listing using Laravel & the API”

An Ex

I was walking home from lunch at Cafe Vida in Culver City today with my wife when I saw a couple with a dog turn the corner ahead of me. The woman dodged back behind a wall in a strange way. The little white dog continued to pull around the corner though… it was a Westie.… read more “An Ex”


I have been feeling a lot of stress yesterday. I think this has no particular direct cause… Maybe I have just been taking on too much work and tasks. My usual outlet of exercise has not really helped, I will try to do more exercise today and see if that helps.

Old Man

Today is my 34th birthday. For the first time, I had to actually calculate from my birth year to figure out how old I was. 2000 – 1984 = 16, 2018 – 2000 = 18, 16+ 18 = 34! Scary.

Life is very good to me and has pretty much been continuously improving since I was born.… read more “Old Man”

World Governing Body

A friend asked me if I was advocating for the establishment of some sort of world governing buddy based on my recent post on Organizational Punishments.

I do think that a very constrained, well thought out structure for a world governing body is going to be necessary. Establishing one is dangerous though as there will be no higher power or competing similar sized power to get it in line if something bad happens.… read more “World Governing Body”