World Governing Body

A friend asked me if I was advocating for the establishment of some sort of world governing buddy based on my recent post on Organizational Punishments.

I do think that a very constrained, well thought out structure for a world governing body is going to be necessary. Establishing one is dangerous though as there will be no higher power or competing similar sized power to get it in line if something bad happens. My thought is something similar to the United States federal vs states system. You would want to write into it’s constitution that it absolutely cannot grow like our federal government has. I think you would want the federal government to have more power than any individual state, but less power than the largest couple of states put together. This is a tricky question of how to do this in such a way that won’t allow a totalitarian government to rise, but also to have enough power to be effective in it’s job.

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  1. I’m Christian and according to prophecy, there’s a remark made towards a Central World government!…In my opinion (if it really matters), I’d say that I don’t stand for a one World government!

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