Military Parades are UnAmerican

When you think of military parade, what images come to mind? This is what I think of:

The first is a Nazi military parade, the second is a Soviet military parade, and the last is a North Korean military parade. Each of these governments is well known for their frequent and elaborate military parades. Why did they hold so many military parades? To intimidate their citizens and overseas enemies.

Intimidating our citizens is UnAmerican. Our current President frequently blatantly lies about little things and big things, and uses his bully platform on Twitter to try to hammer down his enemies. He is very anxious to start holding military parades to give his silly threats a real fear of death behind them.

I am very concerned about our losses of freedom. Our founders set up this country with NO standing military – they expressly forbid it. Unfortunately, we haveĀ been creeping towards a totalitarian state that spends far more on it’s military than the next ten militaries combined. We don’t even have an enemy, and we don’t get security for this spending – most of it goes to outdated technologies that won’t win the next real war… it just lines the pockets of those in the military industrial complex.


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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.