Marine Corps Fitness Test Yesterday

I mentioned a month ago or so that I had done the Marine Corps Fitness test for fun on a treadmill in Washington. At that time, I had scored a 23:20 for the 3 mile run. I have done it twice since. The next time I sustained a pace of 7:30 per mile for a total of 22:30. That almost broke me and my body was sore for a week. Just yesterday I did it again and sustained a pace of 7:24 per mile for a total of 22:12. I am pretty sore today, but not as bad as I was last time. My hope is to continue to push myself to do this test every two weeks and show improvement each time. My goal this year is to run one mile in 6 minutes eventually.

I am very happy that I have not had anything to drink in 7 months now. I definitely am reaching the best fitness levels I have ever had and have mentally been sharper then ever before.

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Joel Gross

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