Shopify vs NetSuite vs Yahoo Store

Shopify vs NetSuite vs Yahoo Store: It’s like comparing apples to oranges to pogo sticks, but nevertheless, let’s take a look at these different ecommerce solutions and try to come up with the ultimate shopping cart provider for you. After all, if you dream of taking over CyberSpace with your truly one-of-a-kind product or service, you need to invest in the kind of shopping cart engine that will enable you to realize your potential without squandering all of your capital on digital overhead.… read more “Shopify vs NetSuite vs Yahoo Store”

2013 Year in Review

The final day of 2013 has arrived and it is time again for me to reflect on how 2013 went.

Coalition Technologies:

  • Wins:
    • The company has nearly doubled in size this year over last year
    • We have the best team we have ever put together now
    • We had multiple big wins for our clients
  • Losses:
    • Employee turnover was way too high, Justin is production manager now to assist with improving this problem.
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