The AMA has an anticompetitive monopoly where they limit the number of seats at medical schools and keep medical costs sky high since demand is inelastic and disguise it by blaming insurance companies. It’s why reforms never work here. 27% of our GDP is stolen by doctors and hospitals. They keep supply smaller than demand so doctors and hospitals literally charge thousands an hour.

Lots of trades are as complex and difficult as a given narrow medical specialty, but they only make 1/100th what doctors do because there is no supply limit.

Just let the free market work.

It sucks that you get much better service from McDonalds or a framer than from your doctor.

It’s standard here that a doctor will be late to his appointment with you, make mistakes, rush you back out the door, and overcharge you by far. No other business is this bad in the US… But people just think this is the way it has to be.

Rant rant rant lol.

Last time I posted a rant on the AMA on Facebook, a doctor friend said I was not properly grateful to doctors then unfriend me. Especially since I had just spent two weeks in the hospital for my knee. I said, “I think the $1,200,000 they made for two weeks of work was plenty of gratitude!” 🤣

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