Venezuelan migrants in shock and limbo after new US immigration plan | CNN

The root problem is not that the US is no longer allowing immigration, the root problem is that the Venezuelan government under Maduro is straight evil. Even a small military intervention there would topple the dictators regime. Then the people of Venezuela would be happy to stay there. Venezuelans would need to be taught that socialism is a system that has failed everywhere and that a free market based democracy is far superior.

How Britain’s pension scheme hedge became a trillion pound gamble | Reuters

This is literally theft. Everyone in British finance knew exactly what was going on, but did not care as the financiers got annual bonuses in the millions or tens of millions. The financiers don’t care if it blows up, they will walk away with their money while everyone else foots the bill. These guys should be convicted of fraud and theft.

Von Clausewitz on Why America Can’t Win Wars

Carl Von Clausewitz is one of the most famous military strategists of all time. His ideas are still taught in military academies to this day. Von Clausewitz spent almost his entire life at war, from 13 years old fighting in the Rhine Campaigns through the Prussian invasion of France during the French Revolution, through the Napoleonic wars, studied at the War College in Berlin, the Jena campaign (where he became a prisoner of war with his prince), the Waterloo campaign, then he died of cholera preparing for a possible new crisis on the Prussian border with Poland.… read more “Von Clausewitz on Why America Can’t Win Wars”

Capitalism vs co-ops

Most areas don’t have co-ops because not many people are willing to do a ton of work and not get any benefits from it. This is why capitalism works so well… Entrepreneurs take a ton of risk and do a ton of work and sometimes get windfall profits from it.

Cutting Out Caffeine To Improve My Decision Making

I love tea and I love coffee, but I realized I had to cut it out to improve my ability to prioritize.

I did not start drinking caffeine until I was 32 years old. My wife and I went to London and we did a formal afternoon tea in a garden and I was hooked. Over the following six years, I gradually drank more and more caffeine.… read more “Cutting Out Caffeine To Improve My Decision Making”