Stock Market Hours Need To Be Reduced

The stock market is essentially a giant auction for shares of stocks. The fact that it runs 5 days a week all day long everyday means that at any given point in time there are only a few people willing to transact. That leads to much greater bid ask spreads which hurts the average investor. The average financier can sit there and watch the stock market all day long everyday is often able to take advantage of people who have to sell and there’s no buyers or people who have to buy when there’s no sellers.

Further, the stock market becomes a gambling addiction for many people and causes them to lose all of their investments.

The solution to both of the above problems they simply the only run the stock market for 1 hour one day per month. There’s no need to do it anymore often than that and this would guarantee maximum liquidity and the fairest prices for everyone involved.

Published by

Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.