7 Complaints About the World

7 funny complaints about the world in general:

  1. The majority of the global population believes in creationism, which would be hilarious if it wasn’t so scary.
  2. Sex, one of the greatest pleasures ever, brings the risk of little creatures nesting in your pubes and feasting on your privates.
  3. We spend years and years working under incompetent idiot bosses who have no lives outside of work until our souls are broken and we finally become what we hated.
  4. Communism was defeated in other countries after much misery to billions of people, but now we are bringing it to America.
  5. Marriage, a fine institution meant to glorify love and cement loyalty, often is just an excuse to put on 30 pounds, be lazy, and stop having sex.
  6. Fat people. When your only non-motorized form of transport is waddling, you need to be put in a hard labor camp.
  7. Hair. People spend far more time cutting, combing, gelling, spraying, flattening, curling, fluffing, picking, brushing, plucking, and shaving hair then is spent attempting to cure cancer, AIDs, and heart disease combined.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.