Blindside Book Review

I read the book Blindside by Michael Lewis on the plane ride from Los Angeles to Seattle today. Blindside is the real life tale of Michael Oher coming up out of poverty in Memphis to become a big time NFL left tackle. I thought the book was fairly well-written and whipped through it quickly. The author Michael Lewis was too close to his subject matter though and he tried to cram his worldview down the readers necks. He believes that success is mostly due to a persons circumstances and only partly due to themselves. Lewis’s theory is interesting and many prominent people like Malcolm Gladwell share it. I think it is mostly true, but they put too much emphasis on nurture instead of nature. I got the feeling reading the book that the author left out some important points on Michael Oher, especially considering that Oher himself disagrees with Michael Lewis.

Overall, the book is a nice easy read with some substance. I would give it a 6/10.


I have had nothing to eat today since this morning. Ravenous doesn’t even begin to describe my appetite. The people walking around me look like tasty lumps of meat. Visions of baby tartare, ab jerky and human filet mignon are starting to appear to me. I am about to turn tribal.

At least they have food in prison.

In Seattle Now

For those who are interested, I am now in Seattle and will be here for the next six weeks. I don’t like long distance relationships, so I’ll be visiting every other month until the girlfriend moves to LA or we decide it doesn’t work. I’ll be staying with Tara in the Central District. If you want to kick it, call/email/text me or leave a comment here.

Gmail & Old Emails: Excellent Self-Reflection Tools

Occasionally I look back at old emails and gchat conversations from years ago that I had with friends and girlfriends.  Each time I do so, I learn a lot about myself.  Reading these old conversations and emails is sometimes hilarious and sometimes terrifying.  When you are in a situation it’s hard to have perspective and see how ridiculous and embarrassing you are, but afterwards its all there in black and white print.  If you’ve never done so, I strongly recommend it.

Bellevue Bally’s Total Fitness Cancellation SCAM!

I joined the Bellevue branch of Bally’s Total Fitness about six months ago and actually enjoyed working out at the gym. However, I recently moved to Los Angeles and tried to cancel my policy. Turns out that you cannot cancel your policy in person (although you can open an account in person). Instead you must call their members service phone number. When I called the members service phone number, no one was able to help me on three separate tries.  Finally I demanded to speak to a supervisor and was told that you cannot cancel your policy by calling them… instead you must write a letter and send it via snail mail to their corporate headquarters.  Absolutely ridiculous.  They make it so difficult to cancel that I bet a lot of people just give up.

Their cancellation policy is a scam.  I am calling my bank tomorrow to have them cancel any charges that come through from Bally’s (which will cost Bally’s a $30 chargeback fee from  I suggest that everyone else who runs into the same problems simply has their banks cancel the charges as well… hopefully after enough chargebacks Bally’s will change their scammy policies.