Josh Helps Out… For Cash

I had my younger brother Josh up to visit for a few days last week and he did some great work for me, including:

  • Cleaning my entire apartment
  • Writing articles linking to my ecommerce site (Digital Auto Gauges).
  • Researching Madden game prices, evil pastors and business types in the state of WA.

Thanks Josh!

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

6 thoughts on “Josh Helps Out… For Cash”

  1. for a mere 100 dollars. talk about slave labor especially for cleaning my hell of an apartment that no person would go near.

    cost of clean apartment: $100
    abuse of brother relationship: priceless

    cheap O

  2. Hey,

    “joel” was actually Justin, although he made a good point. In our future business relationships we will negotiate prices before I do anything.


  3. Joshua is 14 years old. No one else will hire him or pay him ANYTHING let alone my generous pay of $100 to clean a tiny apartment and do some research and learning on the web. Justin is an idiot with no understanding of money who is about to drop out of college. He has no right to open his mouth on anyone else’s business. Josh, you should be more appreciative or no new business will be sent your way.

  4. Excuse me?!

    More appreciative?! You should be the one who needs to be more appreciative. I don’t care if your apartment was the smallest housing unit in the world it was more filthy than a giant dump. Your microwave was basically brown because you never cleaned it out after you use it. Your kitchen sink had thousands of fruit flies flying around it. Your apartment smelt worse than a skunk. Your bed… well I won’t humiliate you in front of your readers. Your bathroom wasn’t any better if not worse. The pay I recieved was barely enough to cover the Tetnus shots I had to recieve due to your “small apartment”.
    I also cleaned out your closet, which before I came you couldn’t even see the floor. You should be more grateful that I was even willing to clean your apartment for such a low price. Plus, I still think it was very dumb of you to charge me ten percent of all of our restraunt meals, when I was a guest. Then, you try to say that you were “educating” me. You say that whenever you have some ridiculous belief. It’s quite funny, really. You say that much the same way Christians support their beliefs with faith. So ha!!!

  5. Hahahhahaha! Good response Josh!

    But my apartment wasn’t that bad, turd. I think I am going to give you a real tetanus shot using the largest used heroin syringe I can find and we’ll see what you think then.

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