Britain voted to exit from the European Union a few months back in a move back to nationalism. The EU is likely to make this very painful for Britain to discourage other countries from doing it in the future.  I hope that the British come to their senses and decide to stay a part of the EU.… read more “Brexit”

Flexner Report – Why Medical Care Costs So Much

This 1910 report basically said too many doctors were being trained. As a result, women were banned from medical schools and about half of medical schools were closed down. Now each doctor could make far more money on average.

My suggestion to fix healthcare is to remove regulations limiting the number of students training to be doctors each year and remove practicing requirements.… read more “Flexner Report – Why Medical Care Costs So Much”

Surrogate Parenthood: 1,000 Children

I proposed an idea to Laurel today: We could have 1,000 children that are 100% ours through surrogacy. Basically, the scientific technique is that they harvest her eggs and my sperm and then implant fertilized eggs in a surrogate mother.

Rinse and repeat 1,000 times and you have 1,000 children that are all genetically yours.

I don’t think I could even remember that many names.… read more “Surrogate Parenthood: 1,000 Children”

Internal Tool Building

The more I build internal tools to help automate our processes here at Coalition and bring greater efficiency to our clients and employees, the more areas I see that I can improve! I now have probably a year of programming work… probably need to hire another developer to work with me on these improvements.

Landlord Lease Buyout – My Initial Offer

My landlord wants to buy me out of the awesome lease I have. Their goal is to redevelop the whole massive property into a booming retail & residential & office complex that will multiply their square footage as well as what they charge per square foot. I spent a year hunting hard to find the best possible office space for my company with the most long term more “Landlord Lease Buyout – My Initial Offer”

Rock climbing

I had a great session of rock climbing yesterday. Matt and I worked on a couple of good 11c leads, then did a little top rope. I got there early and did about an hour of bouldering and talked with Kristin and Gil for awhile. Good times! I think I was there 5:30-9:30.

Why I Spent $100k To Fight A $10k Small Claims Lawsuit

What follows is my personal perspective on an interesting dispute. Obviously, it is only my opinion of the situation and there are two sides to every story. I invite the other side to respond if they wish in the comments. I also made the decision to keep the other side anonymous after I first wrote the post with real names, mostly because I hope to not inflame them further and I would prefer to never hear from them again. read more “Why I Spent $100k To Fight A $10k Small Claims Lawsuit”

Reading Blood Meridian

Interesting quote

“Moral law is an invention of mankind for the disenfranchisement of the powerful in favor of the weak.”

This comes from a chapter where the character the Judge argues might makes right and war is ultimate truth.