Freedom or Death

A Saudi journalist seeking to encourage free expression was murdered by the prince of Saudi Arabia’s henchmen in cold blood. He went to the Saudi embassy in Turkey to get paperwork for his marriage and was instead met by men that sawed his fingers and head off. The Saudi prince faces no repercussions as Trump does not want to hurt a big weapons sale we are making to them.… read more “Freedom or Death”

Taxes Are The Problem, Not Capitalism

Taxing income prevents creative entrepreneurs from rapidly stockpiling enough wealth to change the world.

If we taxed wealth instead of income, people who inherited or no longer contributed to building new things would see their stockpiles rapidly eaten away. This would prevent rich kids from staying rich unless they actually built new and better things for society.… read more “Taxes Are The Problem, Not Capitalism”

Tax And Voting Records Should be Public

To avoid the voting fraud where millions of fake or dead voters vote, all voting records should be public.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

To avoid tax fraud where people earning hundreds of millions of dollars pay zero taxes, all tax records should be public.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

This will allow our smart people to improve our system, rather than force them to try to game it.