Kubota 3350b Regen DPF Issues SOLUTION!

I have had tons of issues with the terrible DPF system on my Kubota 3350b. The Regen light would come on and would not go off. Eventually it would demand parked regen. That would fail too and it would beep once a second until I took it to the dealer.

I noticed this did not happen in the summer, just in the winter and spring and fall. The dealer said that when he was testing it, it was not getting hot enough. I suggested putting a blanket on it, he ignored that.

I started having the issue again this week. I went through the process of failed automatic Regen, failed parked regen, and finally tried my blanket idea.

With one heavy moving blanket covering the whole engine and radiator but not the exhaust, the temperature never went above three bars. With two blankets, I was able to get it to 4 bars. With three blankets, I got it to 6 bars and successfully ran the Regen and the errors are all cleared now.

I guess the engine just is too cold by default to run the Regen.

Update the next morning… This method may have been a mistake. My right front tire is flat, the one near the exhaust. My best guess is that the heat cause the bead to peel back from the rim. I was unable to add air in it as air would just flow out under the bead and over the rim all around it.

I just spoke with the tech at the dealer and explained all of this to him. He recommended that I run the tractor at max 2500 rpms all the time to lengthen time between regens and to help the passive regens run through better. He said he has one of these kubota 3350’s at home, but they are few and far between now.

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Joel Gross

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