Seattle Home Prices Headed Down

After doing some research, I think that Seattle’s home prices will significantly decrease over the next year or two. Home prices have already come down a bit, though not nearly as much as the national average. I would like to buy a place and stop shoveling cash into the furnace that is renting, but I also don’t want to lose $100,000 by prematurely purchasing a home in a market that still needs to go down.… read more “Seattle Home Prices Headed Down”

Bobby Fischer’s Housewarming Party

Bobby Fischer, a guy I went to UW Business School with, just bought a condo and had his housewarming party last night. I think that he’s one of my first friend’s to make the big jump and actually purchase a place to live. Fischer’s condo is on the corner of Cherry & Boren in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle by the big hospitals in a one hundred year old building that is in very good condition.… read more “Bobby Fischer’s Housewarming Party”

Flag Football Playoff Game Tonight

The first playoff game of the Fall season of Underdog Sports Flag Football League is tonight and the Screamin’ Eagles (my team) is playing SACKreligious. We played this team earlier in the season and lost to them, but we played like trash that game. Hopefully tonight at 7pm we do better.

I went online a while back and bought Easton football receiver gloves and played with them the last two games… I didn’t think they would make much difference, but I have been amazed at how good they are.… read more “Flag Football Playoff Game Tonight”

Ron Paul Debating Georgia/Russia Issues

Ron Paul has some completely wacko views, but I am finding some of his points interesting. I especially agree with Ron Paul on the fact that we should drastically limit our foreign aid to other countries. You can watch the video below:

What do you guys think about Ron Paul and his views?… read more “Ron Paul Debating Georgia/Russia Issues”