Ron Paul Debating Georgia/Russia Issues

Ron Paul has some completely wacko views, but I am finding some of his points interesting. I especially agree with Ron Paul on the fact that we should drastically limit our foreign aid to other countries. You can watch the video below:

What do you guys think about Ron Paul and his views?

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Joel Gross

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2 thoughts on “Ron Paul Debating Georgia/Russia Issues”

  1. I don’t think Ron Paul’s views are “wacko” in the least–especially given what passes as “not wacko” these days.

    For example: didja hear about that bailout?

  2. Very good point, 801.

    However, Ron Paul supported the Secure Fence Act (hey, let’s build a 3,00 mile long fence to keep evil mexicans out!). Incredibly dumb. He also believes there is a “Secular” war against religion in America.

    Other than that though, he is probably the politician who’s policies I agree with most in America.

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