California On the Verge of Bankruptcy

Along with numerous state and local governments, the state of California is on the verge of bankruptcy.‚  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote a letter yesterday to the US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson saying that if the federal government doesn’t give California an emergency loan, the state will run out of money in a matter of weeks.

How did this happen?‚ … read more “California On the Verge of Bankruptcy”

$700 Billion Bailout Passed: American Principles Dying

Bad news out of Washington DC- the House of Representatives approved the massive $700 billion bailout by a margin of 263-171.‚  This massive step towards socialism is going to lead to dire consequences to our free market in the future.‚  From now on, major companies are going to expect the government to backstop all of their mistakes.‚ … read more “$700 Billion Bailout Passed: American Principles Dying”

Why I Don’t Vote Part 2

Watch this video of John McCain abandoning his most fundamental principle (small government, less regulation) at his first sign of crisis. I don’t want this two faced hypocrite with no moral strength as my president.

Barack Obama at least doesn’t abandon his fundamental principles when faced with crisis. However, Barack Obama’s fundamental beliefs are even further away from what I think is right than John McCain’s wavering morals.… read more “Why I Don’t Vote Part 2”