Interesting Ron Paul Video- He Predicts Economic Collapse

I found an interesting video of Ron Paul (Republican Representative from Texas) discussing the current problems we have in our economy- over a year ago. Ron Paul sounds a lot like me. I like him. 🙂

Ron Paul is an interesting character. He’s a bit nutty on some topics, but right on on other topics.

I think I am closest to the Libertarian party, if I was ever to be a part of a party.… read more “Interesting Ron Paul Video- He Predicts Economic Collapse”

UW Huskies Football Team Hit New Low in Arizona Loss

The University of Washington Huskies are winless this season, having lost the first five games. We are also the unfortunate possessors of the nations longest losing streak- 7 games. Even Bob Condotta, the Seattle Times writer of the Husky football blog, said “It’s now 48-7 Arizona with 38 seconds to go in the third quarter and the Huskies look like a team that has quit.… read more “UW Huskies Football Team Hit New Low in Arizona Loss”

California On the Verge of Bankruptcy

Along with numerous state and local governments, the state of California is on the verge of bankruptcy.‚  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote a letter yesterday to the US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson saying that if the federal government doesn’t give California an emergency loan, the state will run out of money in a matter of weeks.

How did this happen?‚ … read more “California On the Verge of Bankruptcy”

$700 Billion Bailout Passed: American Principles Dying

Bad news out of Washington DC- the House of Representatives approved the massive $700 billion bailout by a margin of 263-171.‚  This massive step towards socialism is going to lead to dire consequences to our free market in the future.‚  From now on, major companies are going to expect the government to backstop all of their mistakes.‚ … read more “$700 Billion Bailout Passed: American Principles Dying”