Border Walls Are Stupid, Evil, And Racist

Border walls are stupid. China built the Great Wall and it completely failed to stop invaders from coming through many times. The amount of energy and expense it takes to put up a wall is far less effective than other means of defense.

Border walls are evil. I can’t tell you how many times people have said to me, “if you don’t like it here then move to another country”. How am I supposed to move if I am penned in by a border wall? How can people escape evil dictators in Venezuela, Russia, or Saudi Arabia if there is nowhere to go?

Border walls are racist. Why do you want to stop people from coming into your country? Ah – those people are supposedly all criminals, rapists, terrorists, and will take your job? People said the exact same things about every wave of migrants America has had… The Irish, Italians, Chinese, etc. It was racist and stupid then and it’s racist and stupid now.

Basic economics shows that there is MASSIVE gains for everyone on both sides of the border if we allow open borders and free trade. Gains from specialization and trade and comparative advantage are core tenets of capitalism now forgotten by Republicans.

I am a libertarian and believe in small government and free trade. Republicans used to be the party embodying these principles while the Democrats were racists fighting for their “traditions”. Now the Republicans fight for one religion, less individual freedoms, and oligarchies. Democrats also fight against free trade and freedoms now too. There is no good parties left, both sides have been subverted by massive funding from foreign actors in Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.