Expel Bad Kids

Schools, both public and private, should be able to expel bad kids permanently. Those kids should not have the option to get a free education after that. They could pay a private school if they decided it was important. Bad kids ruin school for all kids.

I am mostly referring to high school ages here.

Americans Spend More on Healthcare But Get Less


Americans spend more on healthcare but get less for one simple reason. We artificially restrict the number of new doctors each year through licensing and other government regulations, which reduces the supply of medical professionals. When you restrict the supply of anything and demand is inelastic, prices go up.

Golf Goal

I am wondering how much it is reasonable for a golfer to improve in six months and also in a year with an hour a day of practice. I have been practicing about that much for the last six months and my handicap has come down from a brand new player level of probably 50 to a 23 now.… read more “Golf Goal”

Life Lessons as of New Year 2019

  1. Exercise every single day. Run and get your heart rate as high as you can sustain for twenty minutes.
  2. Eat healthy food (especially blender drinks with walnuts, spinach, banana, blueberries!). Avoid processed sugar of any kind like the plague it is.
  3. Avoid drugs. Caffeine and alcohol are both drugs. The most productive times in life came when I was completely drug free.
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2018 Gratitude

What am I grateful for from 2018?

  1. I am incredibly fortunate to be married to Laurel
  2. Laurel is pregnant!
  3. We were able to buy a home together
  4. I discovered the fun sport of golf and joined the club near my home
  5. The family we bought our home from have become good friends
  6. Past Joel who worked very hard to build the business and life that made the above items possible.
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