Life Lessons as of New Year 2019

  1. Exercise every single day. Run and get your heart rate as high as you can sustain for twenty minutes.
  2. Eat healthy food (especially blender drinks with walnuts, spinach, banana, blueberries!). Avoid processed sugar of any kind like the plague it is.
  3. Avoid drugs. Caffeine and alcohol are both drugs. The most productive times in life came when I was completely drug free.
  4. Marry well. Find someone who is stable, kind, and wants to be with you.
  5. Persistence and hard work are the two most important traits in success in anything you do.
  6. Tracking what is most important to you each day is very powerful. Systems, processes, and checklists are superchargers for life.
  7. Being open to consider new ideas and reconsider old ones is absolutely essential. Use the scientific method in your own life. Look at evidence, test things out, and always be willing to change your mind.
  8. Find healthy friends, avoid unhealthy family and friends.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.