Best Cycling Computer Game Idea

I would like to see a cycling computer game that combines the following:

  • Open world with multiplayer and teamwork similar to World of Warcraft. Find a way to have a much simpler and less involved keyboard though. Basically, control everything from your phone and not have to continuously be clicking on it.
  • Gaming elements that allow for either very intense sprint workouts with max heart rates for short periods, or allowing for endurance efforts of six or twelve hours if someone chose.
  • Mini games and activities that can be played for fun in different situations… you could have boss fights where you have to ride very hard in order to win or you could let people level up certain skills by playing dual n back style brain games when riding slow.

If I were to test this out only using functionality I have, how would I do it?

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.